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Choose Your Story Course

The Choose Your Story Course is designed to help you intentionally CHOOSE your life rather than passively live it.  

What does that even mean?  Let me break it down-

A lot of us, (my previous-life self included) live in reaction to our circumstances.  Your car breaks down so you buy a new one, you get fired so you find a new job, your partner freaks out so you try to calm them down...

In short, you see a fire- and you diligently put it out.

If you want to live life on YOUR terms, you've got to change the game.  You need to create your circumstances rather than react to the ones your current life is presenting to you- and it's the ONLY way to live a life that's created specifically for you, by you.  

This course is for you if:

• You feel like your life is running you, but you'd like it to be the other way around!

• You struggle with change or indecision, and you wish there was a roadmap that would give you more tangible results (there is!)

• You're looking for MORE in your life- more depth, more meaning, and more fulfillment 

• You're ready to deepen your relationships with yourself and others around you

• You're ready to create changes in your life- big or small

• You're looking for support in your journey

Here's a little information about what to expect:

This course is PACKED with tools and concepts to help you completely re-write your story (the story of your life!).  Your changes are YOUR choice- so you can go big or small here ;).

There's a video and 4-6 audio lessons in each module, accompanied by a beautiful workbook.  I recommend taking this a week at at a time for 6 weeks total, but the course is yours, so you can binge it in a weekend or take it over the course of a year - go at your own pace!

Here's what's included:

• 6 Modules of videos and audio lessons ($450.00 value)

• Beautiful Choose Your Story Digital Workbook ($39 value)

• Bonus Lessons and an Inspiration Vault (priceless)

• Total course value: over $400. 

(You'll get it all for $197)

Are you ready to choose your story?

Want to hear from past participants?  Check out this video:


8 Modules

Module 1 Part 1 - Overview

Module One week one is all about Claiming Your Greatness (because you rock!).  Watch the video to the left for an introduction, and listen to the audio segments next to guide you through the workbook pages.

If you have any thoughts or questions, and you can always reach me directly at:

Module 1 Part 2 - Overview

This second week is still all about Claiming- claiming who you are, where you're going, and how you want to show up in the world!

 Watch the video overview first, and use the audio lessons to guide you through pages 12-21 in your workbook!

 As always, if you need anything or want to share your thoughts, email me directly at

Module 2 Part 1 - Overview

Module Two is all about creating spaaace. The only way to create anything new with your life is to make space for it first! 

Check out the intro video, then dive into the audio lessons with your workbook ;).

Module 2 Part 2 - Overview

This second part of Module Two dives a little bit deeper.  Greet part two with an open mind and heart!

Check out the overview video for what to expect, and the audio lessons to guide you through your workbook.

Module 3 - Overview

Welcome to Module Three: Calibrate and Play.

This week is all about getting out of your comfort zone and busting yourself out of your old patterns and programming. 

It's the most FUN part of the course!  Check out the video for a little overview, and the four audio lessons to guide you through the activities.

Module 4 - Overview

Welcome to the final module of the course: CARE.

 Intentional change is not sustainable without the right self-care to support you through your journey!  

 Let's dive into the specifics of self-care ;).

Watch the introduction video, and follow-up with the audio lessons and journal activities.

Resource Area

In the Resource Area, you'll find all sorts of extra support as you navigate the Choose Your Story Digital Course.

The resources are organized per module.  You'll find articles, book recommendations and anything else we think would be helpful.


Facebook Live Inspiration Vault


 we all need a little extra inspiration every now and then, amiright?

The Inspiration Vault has a live video I recorded for each section of the course.  These videos answer questions from past participants, and talk about valuable mindset tips as you navigate each section.

Dive in a check it out!

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