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Reclaim Your Voice: 3 Strategies For Healing From Narcissistic Relationships


Join me for 60 minutes and I'll help you...

  • What the stress-response has to do with narcissistic patterns
  • Why + how to connect with your body during narcissistic attacks or after-effects
  • How to affirm your reality amidst the dizzy-ness of narcissistic relationships and beyond


  • my go-to process for reworking the tired mind-loops left over from the crazy-making conversations with your narcissist
  • the script I’ve used to set boundaries and speak my truth with even the most masterful of narcissists… 
  • The visualization practice that will free your body from the ongoing stress so you can reclaim your energy and voice 
  • the biggest difference between #triggered and #aware&healing 
  • my favorite method for keeping the boundary-busting family narcissists at bay 
  • BONUS: a comprehensive guide to help you determine your opportunities for boundary-setting
  • BONUS: my go-to guided meditation for protecting your energy
  • BONUS: Scripts for handling any lingering narcissistic relationships you have in your life

4 Modules

Reclaim Your Voice: Three Strategies For Healing From Narcissistic Relationships


Use these guided meditations as tools for your healing.

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